How do I submit solutions?
You should only submit solutions through the FRESHPPACT website under the relevant challenge.

Can I submit more than one solution for a challenge?
Currently, the website only allows you to  submit one solution per challenge. If you would like to submit an additional solution, please contact us at [email protected]

Where can I find the requirements?
Solution requirements can be found by clicking on each individual challenge in the “Challenges” tab on the FRESHPPACT website

How will solutions be assessed?
Solutions will be assessed in a three-stage process to ensure rigour and eliminate bias.

Can I submit conceptual ideas?
No. We are seeking submission of solutions that are ready to be piloted or deployed in an industrial setting.

What Technology Readiness Level (TRL) should submitted solutions be at?
FRESHPPACT hub will only consider the submission of solutions that are at TRL level 6 or higher

Do I have to pay to submit a solution?
No. FRESHPPACT will not charge you any amount to submit a solution

Can I submit solutions that can be implemented anywhere?
In the first instance, we presently seek solutions that can be implemented in Ghana.