Visit To A Dried Fruit Business And A Plastic Bottle Recycling Centre

April 04, 2023

In the fresh produce industry, the issue of single-use plastics is a growing concern. At FRESHPPACT, it is our mission to find solutions that will help reduce plastic pollution in fresh produce from agricultural mulch, plastic workwear and single-use plastic packaging. 


That's why during our trip to Ghana, we visited various key partners and local businesses to gain insight into the ongoing issues.


On day four of our trip, we visited a major Ghanaian business, HPW, a member of the FRESHPPACT consortium to learn more about its operations and the challenges related to plastics. We also visited a local plastic bottle recycling business to explore opportunities for collaboration with our solution partners. 



FRESHPPACT is run in conjunction with Blue Skies, the University of Northampton, and several significant partners, including Waitrose & Partners and the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), HPW, THE FOOD PEOPLE LIMITED, Fruitnet Media International, and the respected Fresh Produce Journal.


Image by: Beanstalk Global