The FRESHPPACT Team Has Reached A Huge Milestone

April 17, 2024

Last month, the FRESHPPACT Team travelled to Ghana to start trials of alternative solutions to plastic mulch used on pineapple farms. Here's a recap:


Our visit to Ghana marked a critical milestone for the FRESHPPACT project. The trip's main highlight was the initiation of a comprehensive trial to compare the performance of some mulching solutions.


The main objective of this experiment is to:


  • Assess how the mulching alternatives compare in their ability to retain moisture, suppress weeds and support high yield.
  • Assess the individual capability and potential of the mulching alternatives to foster sustainable farming.


The alternative mulching materials to be tested are bio-based and made from materials such as coconut husks and other agricultural waste. If successful, this test could provide a path for Ghanaian farmers to adopt more sustainable farming practices, significantly contributing to the nation's soil fertility and food security in the short, medium, and long term.


Plastics Roundtable Stakeholder Event


In addition to conducting research, the FRESHPPACT team organised a Plastics Roundtable Stakeholder event on Wednesday 20th March at the factory and premises of Blue Skies Ghana in Dobro. The roundtable event convened key stakeholders including representatives from UNCTAD and the British High Commission in Ghana, to discuss plastic pollution mitigation in Ghana, showcasing the innovative solutions being developed and tested to address the significant environmental challenges raised by plastic pollution in Ghana. The event featured presentations and policy discussions that emphasised the socio-economic and food security benefits of sustainable mulching practices.


Furthermore, we had the opportunity to meet with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation in Ghana to engage in policy discussions that could foster the uptake and development of solutions that can contribute to a sustainable future for Ghana.




Photography by: Max MacGillivray