FRESHPPACT Sustainability Project Next Steps

March 10, 2023

As part of the first phase of the project, we organised a trip to Ghana with our selected solution providers and consortium members to explore the issue of plastic waste in the three identified challenge areas and to raise awareness about the importance of mitigating and reducing plastic pollution. The trip involved visits to farms to see plastic mulch in action and to fresh produce manufacturers to assess how workwear is being used as well as the process of packaging fresh cut fruits and dry fruits. During the visit to farms, the team observed how plastic mulch used in agriculture can contribute to soil and water pollution. The importance of alternative methods for packaging produce and workwear was also discussed.


Together with our solutions providers, we engaged with local stakeholders to discuss the challenges and potential solutions to plastic pollution whilst fostering collaborations to deliver effective solutions. Finally, the FRESHPPACT team also engaged with the local tv, radio and print media in Ghana to create awareness about FRESHPPACT activities and the importance of collectively mitigating plastic pollution. Overall, the journey yielded a significant understanding of the plastic pollution problem in the Ghanaian context and the measures that can be implemented to tackle it. 


What is next?

The next stage of the project will focus on creating prototypes, adapting them to the specific needs, conducting trials, and bringing to market solutions aimed at addressing the challenges identified.


FRESHPPACT seeks to contribute to a more sustainable future and encourages other stakeholders to join the fight against plastic pollution.


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