FRESHPPACT Roundtable Stakeholder Event In Ghana

April 18, 2023

Here's the final update on our trip to Ghana last month with our solution providers to conduct further research and develop detailed plans to show how their solutions will help reduce plastic pollution in Ghana.


Day 5: FRESHPPACT Roundtable Stakeholder Event In Ghana


On day five of our trip, we had a roundtable stakeholder event to engage local businesses in Ghana to discuss alternative solutions for plastic packaging, in particular, in the food sector. The event was also attended by policymakers who participated in a productive discussion about the policy direction regarding the management of plastic waste in Ghana.


We ended the day with a series of media interviews with local TV and radio stations and our media partners at Beanstalk Global.



Watch our full interview with GTV Ghana here.


FRESHPPACT is run in conjunction with Blue Skies, the University of Northampton, and several significant partners, including Waitrose & Partners and the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), HPW, THE FOOD PEOPLE LIMITED, Fruitnet Media International, and the respected Fresh Produce Journal.


Image by: Beanstalk Global