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The FRESHPPACT Consortium represents retailers, food manufacturers and agribusinesses involved in the supply of fresh produce sourced from Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and Zambia. The purpose of the consortium is to identify shared high-priority sustainability challenges that represent the interests of its members, develop detailed Challenge Briefs, evaluate proposed solutions, define activity plans for Commercial Trials and Pilots and support in the enablement of knowledge transfer.

Consortium members benefit by being able to:

  • Demonstrate action on challenging issues through high profile collaboration.
  • Respond to consumer and regulatory pressure on social and environmental issues.
  • Make material progress towards meeting ambitious sustainability goals and targets.
  • Be the “first to market” with breakthrough solutions, offering attractive PR and marketing benefits.
  • Strengthen brand reputation among stakeholders.
  • Contribute to world leading research and development that transforms how industries operate.
  • Receive regular updates on FRESHPPACT's activities

In addition, members have the opportunity to sponsor challenge funds to be able to have first access to successful commercial solutions. There are two levels of Consortium Membership: Full Members and Associate Members.


Full Members of the FRESHPPACT Consortium have voting rights and are expected to attend around six meetings per year. Responsibilities include conducting stakeholder engagement activities, agreeing challenge areas and defining challenge briefs, approving solutions to proceed to Commercial Trials and Pilot and Commercialisation, defining activity plans for Commercial Trials and Pilot and Commercialisation, enabling the marketing and procurement of successful solutions and supporting the Coordinating Research and Project Management Partner in enabling knowledge transfer


Associate Members are voluntary participants in the activities of FRESHPPACT. Associate Members have the opportunity to shape the activities of FRESHPPACT through feedback, promotion and advice on matters such as the selection criteria associated with Challenge Briefs and the technical and commercial feasibility and potential impact of Proposed Solutions.

In addition, we will later be looking for individuals to join our Solutions Evaluation Group (SEG). This group will be formed by our External Research and Project Management partners (ERPM) at the University of Northampton Centre for Sustainable Business Practices and will help the ERPM evaluate the potential solutions that are discovered through the research, including the call for proposals. If you think you might be interested in joining the SEG, please also let me know.

Approval of new members is subject to agreement by the consortium.


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